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Our smart platform helps wellness & self development providers boost engagement & retention by enabling them to be seamlessly integrated & personalised to their user’s daily browser experience.
A Better Way To Engage With Users Is Needed
Covid has changed how we live and work
With over 50% of the professionals now working remotely, people are spending more time on their browser. Why does this matter? This means a 6 to 8 hour window of missed opportunity for apps to meaningfully engage with its users. Plus, studies show providing a great omni-channel experience can boost user retention from 33% up to 89%
Retention is the secret to sustainable growth
According to Hardward, acquiring a customer is 5 times more expensive than retaining one. With on average of 8 in 10 users dropping off within 90 days from sign up & a near endless choice for the user, can you really afford poor retention?
Providing great in-app content is no longer enough
To win the engagement and retention game, people expect their favourite services to be empathetic and personalised to their work-life patterns. Yet studies show over 50% of health and wellness apps’ users find notifications irrelevant or poorly timed. The result? Less than 2% of push notifications end up driving user action. Context is the new king.
Sync your App through our Behavioural API & browser plugin to enable your users to seamlessly access your app's content & service in the flow of their daily browser experience.
Our AI browser companion analyses key factors impacting your user’s behaviour such as ongoing mood, schedule, weather & browser activity to identify & recommend the best time and context for them to make the most of your app in their day.
Our system learns what works best for your users while providing you with behavioural insights for better product decisions and cross-collaboration opportunities with other apps in the 3SSENTIA network to boost loyalty & LTV.
"I was blown away by 3SSENTIA's smart solution
and its potential benefits for Visutate and its users. By seamlessly integrating into their daily work-life browser experience, we can improve user engagement and retention, ultimately leading to a more effective and sustainable wellness journey for our users”
Orkun Karabasoglu
CEO at Visutate, Inc.