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Empowering professionals with a meaningful and transformative “Work-Life Experience” that helps them live their day with greater harmony, balance and awareness


We are living in a pivotal time in history.

Despite our perceived sense of “progress” mainly driven by technological advancements, the actual wellbeing of our planet and society is at high risk.

Individual wellbeing is not a nice to have but rather a necessary condition for the creation of a peaceful, sustainable and progressive society. If we don’t feel well, how can we possibly be of value to others and consider the greater good?

Our time at work (and off too!) can represent a wonderful opportunity to transform our relationship with ourselves, others and the world to live more fully. With 3SSENTIA, our purpose is to use technology to empower people to collectively live a more conscious “work-life experience” that drives greater impact on a systemic level.

In the long term, our vision is to create an ecosystem connecting the fields of wellbeing, technology, economics, life sciences & sustainability to co-create a better world.

It is our world, it is our responsibility. 
Discover our community
People joining forces to feel good


Developing technologies that help us better understand our inner world and what is around us to lead more sustainable, proactive, caring and inspiring lives.

Using Data as a force for good to expand our consciousness, creativity, and wellbeing.

Creating a collaborative community of life long discoverers who believe in doing meaningful work that creates positive impact for themselves and others.

Fostering curiosity, purpose and generosity as the currency for human flourishing.


Contact Us
Founder BIo introducing himself

Filippo di Lenardo

I am a passionate 3rd-time entrepreneur with a deep desire to understand what makes us tick and how to live our daily life with greater purpose and impact. I love exploring and researching all aspects related to the human condition whether that is neuroscience, AI, spirituality, or behavioural economics. I enjoy sharing all my research & insights on our BLOG and providing coaching support to professionals. I am a firm believer that new models are needed (rather than just technologies) to evolve our society and create a more sustainable world where human flourishing becomes the main currency for “value creation”. My mission, with 3SSENTIA, is to be part of that change!

Founder introducing herself

Marilena Timotheou

As a daughter of an electrical engineer and educational psychologist, I have a passion for solving problems and understand how to best support people in their development journey.

My background in hospitality, HR and industrial design inspires my continuous search for creating experiences that inspire and empower people to live fulfilling lives. I love to connect with people who are at different stages in their development and provide them with the tools, strategies, and above all the mindset needed to turn any challenge or life events into an opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth. It’s great to be part of their journey and seeing people unleash their full potential! I am a firm believer that self-knowledge & self-awareness is the true key to success and it’s the one fundamental subject the world desperately needs to reconnect with if we want to experience a future of true abundance and sustainable growth.