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Make it a science.

Don’t leave your customer acquisition & engagement strategy up to chance.

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Combining powerful insights from behavioural science, consumer psychology & business strategy, my coaching & consultancy services empower your business to:

Attract: Master which distribution channels can generate the most traction in the most cost-effective way.

Engage: Boost your brand engagement and stand out from the competition by designing a communication strategy that triggers the right emotions, desires, and actions.

Convert: Facilitate potential customers to more easily buy into your idea by identifying and eliminating barriers.

Retain: Deliver a more engaging and innovative offering with a human-centred design and measure your impact through behavioral KPIs.

Expand: Maximise your reach & impact as a business through the power of flywheels and win-win-win frameworks.

“Filippo’s coaching & consultancy programs bring everyone in my team on the same page with frameworks and techniques that really work.”

— Nikita Pashchenko, Founder @ Morego Travel


Watch some of the frameworks I share in my webinars attended by over 500 businesses.



I am a third-time entrepreneur with a relentless aspiration to create products and services that can positively impact people’s lives.

This desire to understand how to make a positive change and amplify our impact as businesses brought me to work with leading experts in the field of business strategy, consumer psychology, behavioural science,  and human wellbeing.

I am a guest speaker, founder of 3SSENTIA platform,  & write for famous blogs such as Pick The Brain, The Innovation, Good Man Project among others on subjects such as innovation, creativity & wellbeing.

I love pushing the boundaries & researching all aspects that can bring positive change whether that is  AI, neuroscience, wellbeing or behavioural economics.

My mission is to provide you and your team with the structure, tools, and clarity needed to amplify your business growth & impact in a more effective and sustainable way.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be where you’ve always been.”

- T.D. Jakes
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