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Elevate your daily work-life experience

Get in the right state to thrive in your daily activities.

Based on your energy levels & schedule for the day, 3SSENTIA suggests powerful 2 min science backed experiences designed to boost your energy, focus & confidence so you can thrive throughout your day.

Taking small, repeated breaks throughout improves your productivity by up to 15% & reduces fatigue by up to 40%

Our wellbeing hacks sync with your

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Make the most of your time after work by going OFFMODE.

With the click of a button, move away all work realted tabs and access a personalised space where you can sync with your favourite health and wellbeing apps, reconnect with great content & explore tailored events.

Professionals with a healthier work-life balance are 21% more motivated at work & happier in life.

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Track your energy & get personalised tips on how to better manage your day.

Understand how your energy fluctuates & get personalised suggestions from 3SSENTIA to ensure you keep focused, balanced and positive throughout your week.