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The AI work-life experience companion for the modern day professional

Bring more presence into your workflow

Based on your daily mood & calendar, 3SSENTIA recommends personalised, guided 2 minute wellbeing experiences right on your browser that will help you let go of negativity & bring out your best you in your most important activities.

Taking small, repeated breaks throughout improves your productivity by up to 15% & reduces fatigue by up to 40%

Experience a more impactful work-life balance

Simply go OFFMODE and achieve a healthier work-life separation. With the click of a button, all your work-related tabs on your browser move away allowing you to enter into a new space entirely designed to nurture your health and wellbeing.

Professionals with a healthier work-life balance are 21% more motivated at work & happier in life.

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Gain a deeper understanding of yourself

Get a deeper understanding of how your energy shifts throughout the week & where you spend your time and let 3SSENTIA  personalise your experience to ensure you keep balanced & productive in what you do.

“Getting personalised mini wellbeing experiences tailored to my schedule & mood has been a game changer in the way I experience my day.”

Anna, Life coach

“What I like about 3SSENTIA is that it’s super easy to use, it integrates with other wellbeing apps and it adapts to my daily workflow."

Marco, Startup founder

“Being able to centralise all the things I’d love to do in my time off has really helped me live a healthier work-life balance & build better habits for my wellbeing”.

Sally, Freelancer


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