Transform your daily home work-life experience.

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Powered by AI, behavioural science & product psychology...

We empower wellness & personal development apps to boost engagement and retention by enabling them to be seamlessly present in thier users daily work-life browser experience.

Feel more balanced & present in your daily work

Enjoy our Wellbeing hacks, 2 min guided wellbeing experiences designed to help you better recharge in between tasks, get into deep work & thrive in your meetings.

Sync your Google calendar & let 3SSENTIA suggest personalised hacks before your most important events.

We got you covered!

Taking small, repeated breaks throughout improves your productivity by up to 15% & reduces fatigue by up to 40%.

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Be more in tune with your energy levels

Easily monitor & understand how your energy levels fluctuate throughout the day and let 3SSENTIA provide you with the personalised experience you need to keep sustainable levels of productivity & energy.

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Make the most of your time off work

With the click of a button, Off Mode hides all your work-related tabs allowing you to enter into a new space where you can experience a healthier work-life separation &  centralise all of your favourite websites and apps in one place!

Professionals with a healthier work-life balance are 21% more motivated in work & happier in life.

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