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How to live a more empowering Work-Life Balance experience in your day

Good for your: occupational wellbeing
Topics: energy management, intentionality, creativity, work-life infusion

Like it or not, our personal and professional spaces are still massively intertwined.

While for some it may be an enjoyable experience, for most professionals, it represents a challenge as having a healthy work-life separation can be tricky. Furthermore, because of the repetitive “environment” we are in, our perception of time goes out of the window, and with it, our ability to manage our time effectively: no wonder time management tools are on the rise!


As professionals, we often have this belief that working long hours will bring better outcomes.

While greater efforts can lead to some results, the reality is our energy is finite, and after a certain amount of time, we hit what is known as diminishing returns: more effort for fewer results.

At 3SSENTIA, we firmly believe living sustainably is key to greater happiness and success, a reason why we focus so much on supporting professionals in ensuring they experience a healthy work-life balance. It not only feels good, but it does good too!


Countless studies show the impact a great work-life balance can bring in better dealing with burnout, with some research indicating it can boost our motivation by 21% and productivity by 15%. Those are big numbers!

When we look at it from a purely scientific perspective regarding how the brain works, it makes a lot of sense.

Having a work-life balance means having more diversity in our lives, the possibility of making more choices, ultimately driving us to set higher goals for ourselves.

Additionally, this diversity helps us expand our neuroplasticity, a fundamental condition to improve our ability to assimilate information more effectively and stop our brain from ageing.  

With that in mind, setting boundaries is a necessary component to help us create a clear divide between our personal and professional space while working remotely. One way to do that is to set a maximum number of working hours we are willing to commit per day.

At 3SSENTIA, we take this aspect very seriously as it’s so easy to overwork ourselves, hence why we created the off mode, a feature that allows you to enter into a new space without leaving your screen entirely designed to help you switch off and focus on your wellbeing and the things that make you happy!

While setting boundaries can certainly represent a first meaningful step, I'd like to share with you 3 examples of work-life balance best practices that are fundamental to have a great work-life experience.


Be intentional

When it comes to our time at work, we are often clear on what it is we need to do. Goals, KPIs, OKR, fixed schedules, you name it. So why leave what we do off work up to chance if it can have a profound impact on our performance and happiness?

Putting intentionality in what we do is fundamental for our wellbeing, effectiveness and not feel burned out. According to a Harvard Business Study, when we set goals for ourselves, we are 10 times more likely to achieve them!

Whether that is dedicating 15 minutes on a Sunday or during our lunch break on a Monday, taking the time to identify some activities we would love to do for our mental health self-care and fulfilment in the different areas of our life is nothing short of empowering.

Be curious

One of the biggest misconceptions we have is that all activities falling under the category of "work-life balance" should be done after work.

While not everyone might enjoy a fully flexible schedule, having micro-moments of wellbeing in the middle of our day is the most powerful energy management tool we can have.

Instead of committing to big slots of time (ex 1-hour workout) why not consider a couple of minutes of intense experiences as little breaks in our day?

With this approach, we are able to do a greater variety of activities throughout our day, which boosts our curiosity and bring more diversity into you day.

What’s more, this can represent a powerful way to build a healthier routine and beat procrastination that often comes after a long day at work.

Being curious is such an important aspect to live our daily fully and thrive in what we do which is exactly what inspired us to create our POWER YOUR CURIOSITY hack, a guided 2 min experience designed to bring to you some of the most inspiring quotes to boost your curiosity.

Be balanced

Finding work-life balance during this pandemic is all about experimenting with new activities at different times to bring more wellbeing into our day. However, as the name suggests, balance plays a key aspect.

One way to keep an eye on how balanced we are in what we do off work is to see the time and effort we spend in nurturing the different parts of our life.

True wellbeing happens when there is a harmonious development in all fields. Therefore, reviewing now and then how much we are nurturing each field of our life, can be a powerful incentive to boost our motivation and fulfilment in our week.


In times when everything might feel the same, letting our minds wander and exploring new territories can be one of the most powerful ways of how to improve mental health and have a positive outlook on life.


Author: Filippo di Lenardo

Tired of feeling exhausted by the end of the day? Learn how 3SSENTIA is helping professionals avoid burnout and feel more energised and positive in their day.

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