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How to increase energy to feel more balanced and focus

Good for your: mental wellbeing
Topics: adaptability, positive mindset, self-management, boost motivation

As someone that loves being proactive and taking care of myself, I always thought having good time management skills was what I needed to experience greater success and fulfilment in my life.

Over time, by studying the subject of human performance in more detail, I learned that if we want to improve our performance, wellbeing, and fulfillment in our day, the main focus should be on the way we manage our energy.

This key realisation in many ways was the ah-ha moment that inspired us to recently launch 3SSENTIA’s as wanted to find a way to help professionals to precisely that, especially considering the challenging times we are living in.


Don’t get me wrong, good time management is essential, in fact, it was recently demonstrated in a survey by IBM as the second most critical skill to thrive in this new era of work.

However, the reason why energy management is a more empowering concept is that it encourages us to look within to learn how we operate. The beauty about it is that It’s a continuous journey of personal growth & development that makes us more agile and effective in the way we manage ourselves (and our time as a result). Curious to know the first skill that came on top in the IBM study? Adaptability!

As human beings, we are incredibly sophisticated machines capable of great results. The problem is we are often unaware of how to get our “machine” to operate at its best:  it’s as if we are driving a Ferrari but don’t know how to shift gears properly.

If we are always running in high gear, we will run out of gas pretty soon whereas if we are always in low gear, we might not take the opportunities that life presents us with.

Energy, whether you look at it from a spiritual or rational perspective, is what drives us as human beings to take action and live fully. If you are looking to experience greater purpose and meaning in the way you plan and manage your day, connecting with your energy is an essential component to be in tune with what you do.

If on the other hand, you are looking to optimise your effectiveness, knowing how to align your daily tasks with your energy levels will significantly boost your productivity and not making you feel burned out.

When we master this fundamental element of self-awareness, we are able to optimise our time and connect with our best version.


With this in mind, here are a couple of things to acknowledge when it comes to energy management.

Firstly, our energy is finite so we need to be smart in the way we manage it to achieve what we call at 3SSENTIA Inner sustainability. We often think of sustainability as a set of actions we take towards the outer world but when we learn to be sustainable in the way we manage our daily life, we make wiser decisions that positively impact ourselves, our partners, our colleagues, and ultimately our business.

Secondly, our energy is continuously fluctuating therefore knowing when we are most energised and when we are not is key.

Finally, our brain, despite its small size in comparison to the rest of our body, consumes about 20 percent of the body’s energy!

As a result, to avoid sucking up too much energy, it naturally seeks to save energy by memorising behaviours and building habits. While that may be to some degree a good thing (imagine if you had to learn to write from scratch every time you were about to type an email), it can also lead us to build poor habits that can hinder both our happiness and effectiveness.

For example, in an attempt to save energy, we might not be so aware of the present moment and make poor decisions. Think about the times you snapped at a colleague or friend because you did not have the self-control required or when you wrote emails on autopilot without considering the implication of the thoughts you are sharing.


While you might be generally aware of what energises you, the true riches lie in understanding the why behind it. A great way to help you do that is by using the 5 WHY model. Let’s say you realise speaking to a partner about an idea you have in mind gets your energy going. Why is that? Your answer. And why is that? Your answer again.

Eventually, you will get to its essence, namely that creativity and connection are 2 of the most important values driving you as a person. The beauty of this realisation is that it enables you to translate it into other parts of your day. Now that's one of the ultimate happiness hacks!

Moreover, this approach can help you successfully overcome those moments that drain your energy which tend to be:

Scenario 1 What you are doing is demotivating.

Scenario 2 What you are doing is creating a lot of stress and tension inside you.

If what you are doing is demotivating, one of the most powerful ways to change your relationship with that task is by linking it to what naturally energises you. In this case, if a desire to connect and make an impact are 2 of your most important values,  how you can bring them into the equation when doing that task? it will not only boost your motivation but your creative thinking too!

Need some inspiration? Check out our Create The World You Love, one of the many hacks you can experience with 3SSENTIA.

On the other hand, If what you are doing is stressful (ex working on a tight deadline for a client), take a step back and focus on bringing more joy and playfulness to it by linking it to what you value.

Instead of getting so identified with the task at hand by worrying about what could go wrong, one of the best mental health tips is to think of how it can represent a wonderful opportunity for you to express your values for creativity and connection.

It's without a doubt one of the ways of coping with stress and anxiety that will generate in you an inner power inside you  making you more positive, effective, and ultimately an energy master!

Want to manage your energy more effectively?

Discover how 3SSENTIA is helping professionals achieve that.

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