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Why self development is important & how you can creativity plan your personal growth!

Good for your: occupational wellbeing

Topics: soft skills, lifelong learning, work-life balance, discovering new talents

Life is a gift. How often do we tell this ourselves?

When we fail to remind ourselves of this simple yet powerful concept, the world and our possibilities become infinitely smaller. Often, this happens when a part of us looks at external results as the only way to define if what we are doing is meaningful or useful. Very limiting, don’t you think?

The best example in this regard is kids. Their innate sense of curiosity and desire to discover the world without worrying about not having all the answers or what other people may think always inspires me and reminds me that we can and must learn from everything and everyone.


Discovering and continuously renewing ourselves is a wonderful thing we can do when we can let go of our limiting beliefs and all those small fears that hold us back.

Learning thus inevitably becomes one of the main purposes of our life on this earth whether we look at it from a spiritual or more pragmatic perspective.

We live in the so-called VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) world where everything is in continuous change. To successfully live fully in this world, some of the key skills we must all develop as people and professionals is the ability to continuously learn and think creatively to overcome anything coming our way.

That’s great news for two reasons. The first is that it represents an opportunity to live a more empowering life, a life where we can meaningfully progress and explore new possibilities.

The second is that our brain is plastic and designed to learn. What does this mean? See it as a muscle. The more it learns from everything it experiences, the more connections it creates and the stronger and healthier it becomes. Here is a quick 5 min video where you can learn how this process works in more detail.

Equally, having a positive outlook where we focus on seeing every life event whether positive or negative as an opportunity to learn has been proven by neuroscience to be of the 4 pillars behind optimum wellbeing.

So to never stop learning, why not engage in activities that can boost your creativity and help you make the most of your time off work?


Skillshare is a great place to develop new creative skills. Whether you are looking to learn the basics of great storytelling or how to better journal to fuel your personal growth & development, here you will have the opportunity to connect with engaging instructors who will guide and share with you all the tricks in the book.

With thousands of classes spanning from creative to business, technology, and lifestyle classes, this is a place where you can let your mind wander and make new discoveries. 

How about learning how to manage attention in the digital age  or how to effectively apply human centered design to drive positive social change in what you do?

Looking beyond what we know and who we currently are is a powerful way to live our daily actions with more curiosity and make a bigger difference.


At 3SSENTIA, we try to live by this motto which is what inspired us to create “Power your curiosity”, a 2 min guided motivational experience to do in between tasks where you will be touched by quotes from influential figures who have put curiosity at the heart of who they are.

Ready to bring more curiosity into everything you do?

Live fully!


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