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Why self-awareness is the key ingredient to a better life & a more empowered society

Good for your: emotional wellbeing

Topics covered: emotional intelligence, self-care, sustainable living, improved decision-making

For thousands of years, we’ve been on a quest to understand our true purpose on this planet.

From the Greeks to the Germans, passing through the East, the answer to this deep question always starts from the exploration of what is inside of us. Whether it's for our personal growth and development or to better understand what our collective responsibility as a society should be, this topic is of striking relevance.

We live in a world of constant noise and uncertainty that's moving us in all sorts of directions, making us reactive and instinctive. We always strive to move forward but for what purpose if we don’t know where we are heading?

Perhaps, it's in these times of volatility and change that we need a different approach—an approach that focuses on looking inward rather than outwardly.
When we take the time to look inward to deeply connect with our motives, feelings, sensations, thoughts, and responsibilities, we discover a world full of possibilities —welcome to the magical world of self-awareness.


Self-awareness, according to Goleman—a renowned author and science journalist—is one of the four pillars of emotional intelligence (EQ). The good news? Unlike its cousin IQ, EQ is a skill, and just like all other skills, it can be developed.

What’s more, self-awareness, according to a study by leading experts in neuroscience, is one of the 4 pillars behind optimum mental wellbeing just like EQ, it’s a skill we can all develop irrespective of our age, gender, or background.

At 3SSENTIA, we consider self-awareness the necessary condition to fuel our technology to empower professionals to live their daily work-life experience to the fullest, given the incredible benefits it can bring to the quality of our daily lives.



Firstly, self-awareness enables us to develop an understanding of ourselves and what is truly important for us which is key to being more present in our daily activities and reaching our goals more effectively.


Here is one of the many 2 min wellbeing experiences you can do throughout your day with 3SSENTIA to bring more self-awareness into what you are doing.

Additionally, when we become more self-aware, we look at our life from different perspectives and realise that having a great life is about nourishing all 8 areas of our wellbeing in a balanced way.

Secondly, self-awareness enables us to observe ourselves and take more distance from our negative emotions. This aspect is important for two reasons: to help us better regulate our emotions and make better decisions. Science shows us that we operate at our best when we find ourselves right at the center between the zone of exaltation and that of depression.

And last but not least, being more self-aware enables us to consider the impact of our actions not only on ourselves but on the greater good too. When we are self-aware, we are no longer so instinctive and reactive but instead sustainable and inclusive in our actions.

This newly acquired sensitivity awakens in us a sense of responsibility for what we are doing, something nowadays we simply cannot ignore as people and businesses.

When we look at one of the many definitions of sustainability, it’s about focusing on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

This notion of feeling better and doing better is something we fundamentally believe the world needs more of which is what recently inspired us to launch our community.


Our mission through the 3SSENTIA community is to bring together people, businesses and impact-driven initiatives to co-create a more balanced, empowered, and conscious world.

It’s a place where we want to share valuable content that can help you nurture the 8 areas of your wellbeing as well as give space to purpose-driven initiatives that are not only offering products and services that improve people’s lives but that are also contributing toward a bigger social cause.

Our wish is to inspire all of us to nurture our self-awareness as I see it as a magical thread that connects us all. It’s that wonderful opportunity to become more present and loving in what we do, it’s that wonderful opportunity to boost our emotional self-care, to let go of what holds us back and live a more inclusive life where we can contain not only what is good for us but the world around us.

So what can you do today to bring more self-awareness into your day?

Live fully!

Author: Filippo di Lenardo

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