At 3SSENTIA we firmly believe your data should be used as a force for good. This privacy policy applies to our browser extension (3SSENTIA), and website www.3ssentia.com.

Any information we may gather is purely to improve the core functionality of 3SSENTIA and personalise your experience so you can leave each day to the fullest. Your data will not be sold to third parties unless under your consent. 

What information is being stored, or accessed?

3SSENTIA account information
This includes your name, email and onboarding information.

Data accessible through WebExtensions API
WebExtension APIs used within Chrome Extensions have fine-grained permission levels that are enforced by the Web Browser, restricting information that our extension has access to within your Browser. 

Feature usage data
To improve the content, features and overall experience of the extension, we gather and log data on how our users access and use 3SSENTIA. For example, we may log actions like your energy check ins, what hacks you explore, which ones you complete, your feedback on them,  if you share a hack and what notification type you are most responsive to.

Additionally, if you decide to sync your google calendar, we will be able to access your events (only the title and not its content) so we can recommend the appropriate wellbeing hacks at the right time in your day. We do not share your google data with 3rd parties and store it the google storage.

As a behavioural product, our sole purpose is to gather this information to personalise your experience and ensure you live a balanced and happy worklife.Some of this usage data is sent to our Mixpanel. In these cases, we do not send any identifying information that could be correlated with your account. We also make use of their IP anonymization feature to prevent your IP from being associated with your usage data.

What are my rights in relation to my personal data?

By using 3SSENTIA, you may exercise the following rights:

The right to refuse to provide your personal data
The voluntary Personal Data you provide to us is an integral part of your use of 3SSENTIA. You can choose to forego the provision of that data, but you will be restricted from using our services.

The right to access and modify your personal data Through your use of 3SSENTIA, you can access and amend your own data at any time. This includes changing your email, name, password as well as how you want to manage your notifications.

The right to be forgotten
You can manually delete your account by clicking “Remove from Chrome” located in the shortcut where you can access all of your extensions.

The right to obtain your personal dataUpon request, we will provide a data export of all your data stored in our system. If you wish to receive an export of your data, or have any problems deleting your account, please contact us.

The right to submit a complaint
If you have a complaint about the way in which your Personal Data is handled, please contact us. After submitting a complaint, we will reply within five (5) business days to confirm that we have received your complaint. After receiving your complaint, we will investigate it and provide you with our response within two (2) weeks.

The right to submit a complaint with a data protection authority If you are a resident of the European Union, and you are not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint submitted to us, you have the right to lodge a complaint with your local data protection authority.

What happens to my data when I delete my account? Upon account deletion, your account is flagged as deleted and your data is no longer accessible. This data is stored for a grace period (90 days) to allow for account recovery in the case of accidental or malicious deletion, or your desire to reopen your account. Upon request, you can expedite the process of performing a hard delete to remove all of your personal data from our databases. After a hard delete, your data will be deleted from our system, but could still be present in encrypted database backups for up to an additional 35 days. To request an expedited hard delete, please contact us.

Is my data secure?
Absolutely, we use AWS encrypted services and Google Authentication.

At Rest
All data in our databases and their associated backups are encrypted at rest.

Will the privacy policy change?
As the product evolves and new features are added, Privacy Policy have have minor changes as our goal is maintain a certain standard when it comes to data gathering and storing. Nevertheless should such changes happen, it will be under 3SSENTIA’s discretion. We encourage our users to frequently check this page for the most recent updates.. Your continued use of this site after any change in this Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of such change. If you have any questions about 3SSENTIA’s Privacy policy, please contact us. 

1st June, 2022